COLOP e-mark

Award-winning mobile printer

A new era for mobile printing

The COLOP e-mark makes printing in colour directly on any absorbent surface possible, with just a simple sideways swipe of the device.

Our mobile printer is palm-sized, operated by an app, flexible and portable.

For the cartridge we entered into a cooperation with HP Inkjet Technology, to ensure the best possible performance and imprint quality.

The app was developed in-house by our software engineers in Austria. Software updates and improvements are being done continuously to offer users ever more features.

As for the areas of application, you name it, the e-mark can assist: organising, creating, personalising!

From the professional use in the office, in logistics and for branding with the COLOP e-mark to the more creative use with the COLOP e-mark create.

The COLOP e-mark was the first mobile printer of its kind to be brought to market in 2019.

Award winning product

The COLOP e-mark has been recognised by various award panels for its remarkable features, design and innovative qualities.
Among others, the e-mark won the coveted IF Design Award and EOPA Product of the Year Award in 2020. In 2019, the same year of its arrival on the market, the e-mark received a Red Dot Honourable Mention.

The company behind the e-mark

The company behind the e-mark, COLOP, was founded in 1980/81 and headquartered in Wels, Austria. As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of stamps and marking devices, COLOP built up a wide distribution network with a presence in 130 markets across the globe, as well as an export rate of 98%.

It took our company many years to develop the COLOP e-mark, the first mobile printer of its kind. Driven by our spirit for innovation, we scrutinised the hardware and the software of our smart device until we were convinced of its design, quality and  performance.

Our e-mark Family

e-mark create

e-mark create Learn more

  • Compact and mobile

    Easy to use on the go without power supply due to its inbuilt battery. The e-mark can be used wherever needed – be it in the office, the garden or on your next trip. It can be used as flexibly as your lifestyle requires.

  • Changing imprints flexibly

    Change your imprints easily and effortlessly as often as you like with the free e-mark app.

  • Creating individual imprints easily

    Use your own images and texts for creating imprints with the editor in the e-mark app.

  • Printing on many surfaces

    Imprints are directly applicable on all absorbent, level surfaces as well as on the custom-made e-mark label sheets, ribbons and wristbands.

  • Ready-to-use imprint templates

    Choose an imprint out of a comprehensive set of predefined templates for immediate printing.

  • Multicolour imprints

    The multicolour cartridge allows you to print your logos, images and texts in colour.

  • Long imprints and continual marking

    One single imprint can be up to 150 mm (5.9 inches) long. The continual marking function allows you to print the same imprint over and over again with just one swipe.

What people say about the e-mark

OPI Magazine

OPI Magazine

“The future will be very challenging and only the most successful will survive. Today [at the EOPA Award Ceremony], we are pleased to honour the best of the best in our industry: outstanding new products and innovations, leadership and progressive companies that are outstanding in their fields. It is really difficult to develop something new and innovative in this very traditional sector. COLOP has done an outstanding job and is laying the foundation for new economic success with the e-mark.”

Ernst Faber

Ernst Faber


"The e-mark is our answer to an increasingly networked world. With our digital products, we will make an active contribution to this global development in accordance with our guiding principle The Spirit of Innovation. The first reactions to our new product has been very positive, culminating in the receipt of numerous prestigious international awards"

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