The new e-mark

Effortlessly create, change and transfer full colour imprints with the e-mark. Mark wherever, whenever and however you want.

About COLOP e-mark

The international stamp producing company COLOP launches the first electronic marking device for mobile printing of its kind. The e-mark allows you to create, change and transfer full colour imprints using an app to mark directly on various surfaces.

Unique features

Discover the special features of the e-mark

  • Compact and mobile

    Easy to use on the go without power supply due to its inbuilt battery. The e-mark can be used wherever needed – be it in the office, in the garden or on your next business trip. It can be used as flexibly as your lifestyle requires.

  • Changing imprints flexibly

    Unlike traditional stamps, you can change imprints easily and effortlessly with the free e-mark app.

  • Effortlessly create unique imprints

    Use your own images and texts for creating imprints with the editor in the e-mark app.

  • Marking on various surfaces

    Directly applicable on all absorbent, level surfaces as well as on the custom-made e-mark adhesive labels, which stick to almost any type of surface.

  • Ready-to-use imprint templates

    Choose an imprint out of a comprehensive set of templates for immediate printing.

  • Multicolour imprints

    The multicolour cartridge allows you to make imprints of your logos, images and predefined templates in full-colour.

  • Offline mode

    Store up to four imprints instantly to use without connection to the e-mark app.

  • Special functions customised for office applications

    Make office life easier and more efficient with the automatic date, time and numbering functions the e-mark has to offer.

  • QR- and barcode generator

    Easily create QR- or barcodes in the e-mark app for immediate use.

  • Long imprints and continual marking

    Unlike traditional stamps, single imprints can be up to 150 mm (5.9 inches) long and, additionally, the continual marking function offers even longer markings.

Technical Features

Find out more about the technical details of the e-mark.