to a new era of stamps

It’s high time for stamps to be revolutionized.

Explore COLOP e-mark – the newest electronic and mobile marking device.

Smart and mobile

The e-mark is operated through an App on a mobile device such as smartphone or tablet via

WIFI or via USB connection on a computer. The software allows creating any kind of imprint,

including logos, texts, pictures, numbers and much more.

With only few clicks in the App, an imprint is sent to the e-mark, which is ready to be stamped

immediately. A smooth movement to the left or right and your imprint is completed!

A multi-purpose device for any demand

Discover various e-mark features.

Compact & mobile

Easily use the e-mark on the go. Thanks to its inbuilt battery, it can be used wherever needed –

be it in the office, the garden or on your next business trip. Store up to four imprints permanently

on your e-mark and use it without software. Change imprints by tapping onto the e-mark.

Individual and flexible

Create and change imprints easily with personal data and images in the COLOP e-mark App.

Colourful imprints

A tricolour ink cartridge allows your imprints to be in full colour range. Give your creativity free

reign to design your next imprints and add logos and images in real colour.


Add automatic time, date and numbering to your imprints to simplify daily office life.

Generate barcodes and QR-codes directly in the App.

Ready-to-use templates

Choose an imprint of a comprehensive set of templates in the App for immediate use.

Mark any absorbent surfaces

Mark directly on paper, cardboard, certain wood, carton, books, paper bags or

use COLOP label sheets to label even plastics, metal, glass and other materials.

Special imprints

Mark imprints with up to 150 mm or use the repeated marking function for even longer imprints.

Use a two- or three-line imprint when needing higher imprints.

Modern and innovative

Ergonomic and modern design to perfectly fit your hand.

Ready for a new era?

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To a new universe.

The time is right for something completely new. COLOPs e-mark is an electronical mobile device which fulfils all your creativity and ideas in terms of stamping and marking.- It’s an outstanding future-orientated technology in modern and ergonomic design, engineered in Europe.

Mobile App and desktop.

The e-mark is controlled wireless via WLAN using mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet equipped with the e-mark App. Your own stamp templates, pictures and logos can easily be easily be created, uploaded and integrated in your imprints. All features of your stamps are managed by the App which is free of charge and available also for desktop of course.

Full colour imprint and

unlimited possibilities

Wherever, whenever and as often as you wish. Just slide the light-weight device to get your imprint - effortless and with one hand. Brilliant imprints and marks in 4c quality, ready-to-use imprint designs and specials such as various automatic numbering-functions, implementation of barcodes and even QR-codes and above all data and time.

Modern and innovative look.

The e-mark has been specifically developed for mobile usage and ergonomic handling. A true piece of design. An European master piece.

Ready for more

IAre you ready for something new? So what are you waiting for? Join the Mission now.