Gifts from the kitchen

I love using the COLOP e-mark create in the kitchen… for all kinds of labels and decorations. I often make “gifts from the kitchen” and the COLOP e-mark create is really perfect to give these gifts a personalised packaging.

The accessories that I like to use most are the white labels, on which one can print personalised imprints and can be used for labeling on bottles, glasses, and many other materials.

For bottles or glasses (which can get wet), for example syrup bottles, I always use the glossy labels because the ink on the glossy labels is waterproof.

Also, for example, when I am freezing jam jars I use the glossy labels because the imprint remains clear and readable, even after having been in the freezer.

You can print on many surfaces including paper, fabrics, wood, plastic, ribbon bands and so on. I use the e-mark create daily in my kitchen to personalise gifts as it is the best device to make gifts unique.

Not only do I use the e-mark for marking my food items; it can also be used for personalised gift wrapping paper, custom ribbons, and much more.

All of my gifts are unique and professionally personalised. In the past, I was always wrote my labels by hand but now I make them with the e-mark create and they all look the same and are created very quickly.

Also all my friends ask me about the personalised ribbon bands – this is really a very special feature! The e-mark create is connected with my mobile phone and in the e-mark create app I can design imprints as I like – even with symbols and pictures.

There are so many possibilities! I am a creative person and the e-mark create is my perfect companion in my uniquely creative world 🙂

Sandra, 34 years old