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Download the App for your e-mark create

The e-mark create is operated through the e-mark create app. Design your imprints directly in the App by adding images and texts or find numerous premade templates already in the app for immediate use. Send the artwork to your e-mark create and print it!

Mobile app

The e-mark create app is available for Android and iOS devices. It supports devices with Android 7.0, iOS 11 or higher. You connect your e-mark via Wifi and send imprints through that.

Download the app for free already before buying and have a look at the many possibilities of the e-mark!

Please note: As of 01.08.2022 we will no longer support devices with Android 7, Android 8 and iOS 11.

You have an e-mark? Great! Then you can also use the e-mark create app for free.

It would be great if you help us to improve our software and share your feedback in our support centre. We appreciate your inputs to make our product constantly better.

Windows Desktop Version

As well as the e-mark create app for Android and iOS, a desktop version for Windows PCs is also available. It has the same functions as the mobile app and imprints can be transferred to the e-mark create via Wifi or USB. It works for PCs running on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Checking your SSID...

Thank you for downloading!

Enjoy printing with your e-mark create.


There was an error submitting your SSID. Please try again later.

You can find the SSID on your Quick Setup Guide, on your first imprint or on the imprint after a reset.

  • When installing your e-mark create for the first time, please connect your emark create via Wifi first. This can be done through the desktop version or the mobile app. Then complete the firmware update on the e-mark create - a message pops up automatically. Please make sure you are using the app version 2.1.8 or higher for the first connection.
  • When the firmware is updated, you can then also switch to USB.
  • When using the desktop version with a Wifi connection, it may be required to disconnect LAN connections first
  • The e-mark create can either be connected via Wifi or USB, note the colour of the light on the back right side of the e-mark create:
    blue = Wifi connection, pink = USB connection

Help improve our software and share your feedback in our support centre.