Intelligent labeling for more order at home

STEP 1 - Crafting preparations

"Those who love order are just too lazy to search" is a well-known saying. But probably we can all imagine better things than spending hours or days looking for things. And that's why today's DIY tutorial also gives you a quick guide on how to make your home organization easy. Here's the checklist:

  • Natural cord
  • Containers, jars, etc.
  • COLOP e-mark® adhesive plastic sign
  • COLOP e-mark® adhesive plastic label with perforation
  • COLOP e-mark® create
  • COLOP e-mark® label sheets
  • COLOP e-mark® Ruler

STEP 2 - Choose or design creative motifs

The basic rule for this DIY project is to think in advance about which labels you need exactly. Once you have done that, you can design them yourself in our free app or simply download our templates and transfer them to the e-mark create.

STEP 3 - Select fonts in e-mark create app

By the way, in our app you can choose between different fonts and even customize the colors according to your taste. Super handy!

STEP 4 - e-mark label sheets

Now let's get started! Grab the Colop label sheets, place your COLOP e-mark create on the positioning aid and print your desired motif directly onto the paper with a simple movement. If you are not a professional yet, you can use our ruler - then your print will certainly be straight aligned. Tip: for the e-mark labels there are specific templates in the right size.

STEP 5 - Printing labels or signs

You can easily print spices and other ingredients on our paper labels, peel them off and stick them on the container of your choice. Or simply use our new plastic labels, which are self-adhesive or have a hole for tying.

STEP 6 - Intelligently creating order

If you are a fan of our plastic tags, stick them on your container, or simply tie the little plastic tag around the container with a natural cord. Just the way you like it best. Whether pepper, salt, flour or other spices and food - nothing stands from now on unorganized just so in the cupboard. And you know immediately where what is inside without having to taste through 😉 Have fun labeling and organizing smart!