Discover the e-mark at CES 2021: 11-14 January

Mobile printers from COLOP are conquering the world!

COLOP caused a stir at last year's CES in Las Vegas with the first mobile printer of its kind, the e-mark®. A lot has happened since then. Since the summer, the international manufacturer of modern stamping and marking solutions has also set completely new standards in the world of handicrafts, decoration and in the hobby sector with the new creative edition, the e-mark® create. In keeping with the motto “design it, print it, make it,” people have been using their mobile phones and the e-mark® create from COLOP ever more often instead of paintbrushes and colouring pencils.

Get the app

The two practical printers are ideal mobile phone accessories and can be easily operated via the free app for mobile phones. Once you have made your design in the app or you have selected your favourite template, the imprint is simply sent to the e-mark via WiFi - and you can print on any absorbent materials to your heart's content. The built-in HP ink cartridge enables full colour, high-resolution prints, which give the DIY project that special touch.

For professional use: e-mark

With the e-mark, not only can you generate QR and bar codes, but you can also import CSV files to make serial prints quickly and efficiently. Number, date and time imprints can even be updated and can automatically continue counting without being connected to the app, i.e. even in offline mode. The many templates help to make work in the office area easier.

The sky is the limit: e-mark create

The e-mark create lets creative hearts skip a beat with its diverse imprint templates for any occasion: be it templates for wedding cards, children's birthdays, Christmas parties, Father's or Mother's Day, Halloween, for school or to label jars of homemade jam. From your own organisation system to the manufacture of individual jewellery: there are hardly any limits to creativity.

Pimp it up

COLOP offers a wide range of helpful consumables for both models. In addition to a protective case for the device, the range also includes various labels, cotton ribbons for gifts or printable wristbands for events and parties. With the Ribbon Guide and the Ruler, COLOP offers practical and supportive tools for the exact handling and positioning of the e-mark on ribbons and other surfaces.
The agony of choice
Whether you are more of a business and professional e-mark user or a creative user and DIY fan - COLOP offers exactly the right device for any area of application.