Work can be just as colourful as life with the COLOP e-mark

Just as colourful as life...

Everyday work life in the food & beverage (F&B) industry, in events, retail and logistics is versatile, varied AND now with the COLOP e-mark, it’s also COLOURFUL!

With the e-mark by COLOP, colour finally enters everyday work life. And not only for classic stamp impressions, but also for countless other areas of application in the hotel and food & beverage industry, in the event sector or in retail and in logistics.

The tri-colour cartridge of the e-mark makes it easy to print company logos, texts and images in any colour combination. The 600 dpi resolution ensure excellent print quality.

COLOP's e-mark not only makes work more efficient, fun and better, but above all more COLOURFUL. Because everyone knows: colours attract attention, motivate and spread a good mood.

In Hotels and in the Food & Beveage Industry

Hotels and F&B venues are finally starting up again. The e-mark is a perfect tool to personalise a wide variety of items as you want - and not just in black and white, but just as colorfully as life. Full-colour imprints with slogans, pictures or your own logo leave a lasting impression. Print ribbons, menus, napkins, daily plans and much more - there are hardly any limits to your creativity.

In the Event Sector

The event sector has always been a colourful and dazzling. For this industry the COLOP e-mark is a versatile and a helpful companion. Whether at events, sporting events, weddings, private parties or in the health sector, the e-mark turns your event into something special with individually designed, colourful imprints. The design of entry wristbands, cards, crew t-shirts or name tags are made easy with the help of the e-mark, and it also ensures that guests will remember you and your business.

In Retail and logistics

Last but not least, the e-mark is also very helpful in retail and logistics. The e-mark is ideal for printing on packages, making labels and tags or creating price and voucher cards in a wide variety of colours to match your company. An assortment of motivational and amusing imprint designs provide a slightly different message and thereby contributes to a varied everyday work life.

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