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What is the Future - To home office or not to home office?

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A Trending Topic For Employers and Employees

Home office has become a major topic of discussion in the last year. Life adjustments, organising an IT setup and, in some cases, even small home modifications have been necessary to accommodate this new way of working. The idea itself of home office is not new, but the pandemic has jolted employees and employers alike into reforming antiquated approaches to work. It is no wonder then, that this topic is trending, as seen by the six million times #homeoffice has been used on Instagram.

The Advantages of Working from Home

Some of the advantages experienced by employees have been more flexibility in terms of work hours and saving on the cost and time of commuting, leaving more time for exercise, family and leisure activities. Yes, in some cases, home office has led to more work-life-balance.
Better work-life-balance can lead to happier and healthier employees – a clear benefit for employers. Furthermore, many companies have saved on overhead costs, due to there being less activity in office buildings.

The Disadvantages of Working from Home

Despite the advantages of working from home, adjustments are always difficult and many have struggled – this may be especially true for parents of young children, who have been unable to work undisturbed by the “emergencies” of their little ones (featuring: “I’m hungry”, “where’s the TV remote?” and “Paul took my batman toy and is not giving it back”).
The lack of human interaction may also have left some feeling that an essential part of office life is missing. In-person meetings may be beneficial for the effective workflow, good communication and knowledge sharing between employees.

What is Better – working from home or in the office?

Upon reflection, perhaps the future does not lie in either exclusively home office or working in a shared office building – but in a flexible combination of the two.

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