Label Lovers’ Week with the e-mark

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An e-mark label for every occasion

A wide variety of labels have been developed specifically with the e-mark in mind. These include the Label Sheets, the Endless Labels for textiles, the white glossy Endless Labels as well as the transparent Endless Labels.
The Label Sheets are widely applicable and the Endless Labels offer an extension for more specific uses.
The Endless Labels for textiles are wash-resistant. To use these, just print on them with the e-mark and then iron them on to the desired textiles.
The white glossy and transparent Endless Labels are scratch and splash proof and stick firmly to many surfaces including metal, glass, plastic and cardboard.

The e-mark accessories, that make it all even easier: the Ruler and the Ribbon Guide

The e-mark Ruler and Ribbon Guide was especially designed and developed for use with the e-mark. To ensure your imprint is straight every time, you can use the Ruler to print on the Label Sheets.
The Ribbon Guide is especially well suited to being used in combination with the Endless Label Range. Just thread the Endless Labels through the guide and start printing.

Combining the e-mark’s numerous functions with label-making

The e-mark app offers an extensive array of functions, which are useful for many businesses and professionals, especially in combination with the printing of labels.
The serial printing function of the e-mark allows you to upload CSV files to be automatically printed sequentially. Ideal for branding and promotions, the app offers many possibilities to create unique imprints, including addresses and logos in colour.
For organisational purposes and in logistics departments, the functions of automated date, time and numbering can be valuable in printing labels for shelves, packages and folders.
Not to be missed is the QR and bar code generator included in the app, which makes it easy to print labels with QR and bar codes.