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Celebrating office life with the e-mark

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Let’s celebrate our special office moments!

Whether you work from home or from your company office, or a combination of the two, we think office life is worth celebrating.

When was your last remarkable (home) office moment? Was it a project that was successfully completed, praise from a happy customer or a joke shared with a colleague?

All of these are worth celebrating and the COLOP e-mark is here to help you make even more out of these moments. An office tool that adjusts to your needs.

The special e-mark moments, when:

  • you’ve saved time.
  • your ideas become more colourful!
  • your desk is tidier!
  • you get your work done faster than you thought!
  • you surprise your colleagues!
  • you enjoy your work!
  • you can complete your tasks anywhere!
  • your customers are excited about personalised items.

The COLOP e-mark offers individualised imprints that help you to organise your folders and paperwork, that allow you to print your company’s branding on parcels and envelopes and that makes serial printing for mail-outs easy. Have we mentioned that there are useful pre-made templates, for you to use as they are or adjust to your needs?

Imprints can include text, images, logos, QR and bar codes and smileys.

Watch how easy it is to design an imprint in the e-mark app:

Once you have your imprint perfectly designed, you can print it on a wide variety of surfaces including paper, cardboard, cork or wood. The wide variety of additional e-mark accessories expand the areas of application for the e-mark. Accessories include an e-mark ruler to ensure imprints are straight, a range of adhesive labels as well as wristbands for events and many more.