Get your COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer with 20% Discount in Personalisation Week

Announcing...Personalisation Week!

For anyone who wants to refresh their marketing: 20% discount on the e-mark®

How does it work?

Simply put the desired products in the shopping cart and enter the voucher code: emark_personalisation

The discount code is valid:

  • For the following products: e-mark® (black or white)
  • From 8-14 March, 2021
  • Only in the official COLOP e-mark® shop:
  • In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

Personalisation in Marketing

Today, personalisation is essential to stay competitive.
Customers are more likely to turn to brands that they feel like listening and that understand and address their specific needs and wants. Personalisation is a way of providing context-specific messages, offers and experiences that are tailored to the individual person.

Personalisation in the Event Sector

The e-mark® also offers great personalisation options outside of everyday office life. Agencies like to use COLOP's e-mark® to print personalised entry wristbands, cards, crew t-shirts or napkins. Here, too, the e-mark® offers countless marketing applications for events of all kinds.

Hotels & Gastronomy rely on Personalisation

COLOP's e-mark® is also used in hotels and restaurants as a versatile marketing tool. In this sector, many items such as ribbons, menus and daily schedules can be personalised to provide a special, unique touch that leaves a lasting impression.

Personalisation Week - e-mark® as the Ideal Marketing Tool

As you can see – whether it is in the office, in an agency or in a hotel - this is just a glimpse of the areas in which COLOP's e-mark® and its personalisation options bring a breath of fresh air to marketing, with its individually designed imprints.
Get your own personal e-mark® and get a 20% discount from March 8th to 14th, 2021.

Personalisation in retail: the e-mark in use in a shop