Effortlessly create, change and transfer imprints in colour with the e-mark and print wherever, whenever and however you want.

Mobile and flexible use

The e-mark is an innovative mobile printer by COLOP. It is most suitable for businesses and professionals, who want to make their customers feel valued and create efficient processes. For mobility and ease of use, the e-mark can be operated from iOS and Android mobile devices as well as from Windows PCs.


The e-mark is a useful tool in offices and for organisational purposes. You can print directly on incoming and outgoing documents, print reminders, create an internal approval process, organise files and folders as well as efficiently carry out mail-outs to existing customers or potential customers with the serial printing function. An efficient all-in-one tool for offices in any industry.

Hotel and Restaurant

In hotels, restaurants and bars the e-mark can be used to print welcome or VIP messages, to print price or food tags, to inform guests of any last minute changes to the day's schedules, to personalise serviettes as well as to print weather reports, luggage tags and wifi codes. It's the ultimate tool to make guests and visitors have a memorable experience.


The e-mark is much more than a label-maker. In the app you can design your colour imprint, including logo, date and time, QR and bar codes and much more. Print labels for promotions or price details in retail shops, serial or bar codes for shelves in warehouses or address labels for packages.
The e-mark Label Range is extensive, even offering iron-on textile labels.

Logistics and Numbering

Printing serial numbers, QR codes, bar codes and addresses is as easy as 1-2-3 with the e-mark numbering function, its QR and bar code generator and serial printing option. This makes the e-mark an ideal companion for logistics departments as well as any business, which would benefit from printing automated numbering quickly and efficiently.

Law Office

In a law office, the e-mark is a practical tool to print important notes on documents, such as certifying that it is an original or confidential document as well as for printing deadlines for court dates or client appointments.

Inspection and Controlling

For purposes of inspection and controlling, the e-mark makes an ideal companion. You can print directly on paper or cardboard and create a well-organised internal approval process.


In clinics, doctor's offices and healthcare organisations the e-mark can offer support in creating efficient administrative processes. Printing labels with patient data, creating individual stamp imprints including logos in colour or printing instructions and reminders for patients.

Event Management and Agencies

In Event and Agency Management the e-mark is a useful tool to print personalised VIP passes, entry wristbands, last-minute changes or reminders for visitors and food or allergy labels.
Additionally, the e-mark is a great way to make customised table cards and decorations for weddings, birthdays or any event.

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Use Case Collection

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