How do I send an imprint to the e-mark?

Imprints must always be sent to the e-mark via E-MARK CONNECT. If you have already an imprint in your print queue, it can simply be sent to the e-mark by clicking on the green button on the bottom "Send imprint to e-mark". To send your imprints to the e-mark you need to connect your e-mark via Wifi or USB cable. For adding imprints to your print queue, there are several options, though.

Add imprints to the print queue

There are three ways to add imprints to the print queue:
  1. On the E-MARK CONNECT page, an imprint can be added to the print queue in the left area by clicking on the arrow.
  2. An imprint can also be added directly to the print queue from the MY IMPRINTS page. All you have to do is selecting the desired imprint from the list and click on the e-mark symbol to transfer it to the print queue.
  3. In the editor there is also the possibility to send an imprint to the print queue. When your imprint has been completed, it can simply be transferred to the E-MARK CONNECT page by clicking on "Save and add to print queue" at the top right.
Moreover, you can add more imprints to the print queue to send to the e-mark one after the other sequentially.

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