The e-mark is mobile - what does that mean?

Can I use the e-mark without power supply?

Of course – the main advantage of the e-mark is its mobility and flexibility. Its inbuilt battery lasts up to five hours when marking continually and even longer under normal usage circumstances. The battery is charged within 3 hours from 0 to 100 %. Use the protective case to transport the e-mark savely from one place to another.

Do I always need my mobile phone/tablet for making an imprint?

No. Once you have set up your e-mark, you can store up to four imprints permanently onto your e-mark. These can be used in the offline mode – without connection to the software. To change between the imprints in offline mode, you need to tap four times on top of the e-mark. Watch our video ‘Switch between stored imprints for further explanations.

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