Which different fonts can I use in my imprint?

Which fonts can I use?

The software already contains more than 40 different font styles, which can be used on any device - regardless of whether it is on the Android app, iOS app or desktop version. 
In addition, system fonts can be used.
  • In the desktop version, you can easily switch between software and Windows fonts.
  • In the iOS and Android app, the system fonts are displayed in dark blue,whereas the software fonts are displayed in black.
Please note: If you select a system font be aware that this font may not be available on other devices. Reformatting might be required when importing an imprint from the mobile app to the desktop version or vice versa.

Can I also add my own fonts?

You can load any font styles (of which you have the right of use) into the app. Make sure you have a “.ttf” or “.otf” file of the respective font.
These so-called customfonts  are displayed in brown color.

How can I use own fonts for my imprints?

On a mobile phone/tablet you need to follow several steps for using own fonts:
  1. For Apple devices: Open the “files” app (blue folder) and click on “on my iPhone”. In this folder is an “e-mark” folder, in which another “eMark” folder can be found.
    For Android devices: Open the “files”/”file manager” app, click on “internal storage” and search for the folder “documents”. In here, click on another “eMark” folder.

    In this "eMark" folder you will find a folder named "customfonts"

  2. Copy the individual .ttf/.otf files into the "customfonts" folder
  3. Restart the app (close before in task manager)
  4. The newly added fonts will now be displayed in brown colour