How can I do serial printing of CSV files?

With the e-mark software you can now also print sequential imprints by using a CSV file. Please follow the steps or watch the video:
  1. Create an Excel list and save as CSV, the data of every line in your excel list will be represented in one imprint
    - Click File -> Save As
    - You will see the Save dialog box. Via the file format dropdown menu, select the CSV UTF-8 option -> Click Save

    Note: If you cannot find the CSV UTF-8 saving option, please have a look at "I do not see the option to save my Excel file as CSV UTF-8. What can I do?"

  2. Save this CSV file in the serialmarking folder, to be found here:
    - iOS: Files – On my iPhone – e-mark – eMark – serialmarking
    - Android: File app – internal storage – Documents – eMark – serialmarking

  3. Open e-mark App and create a new imprint (New imprint – start without template)

  4. In the editor, go to settings at the top, scroll to “serial marking”
    and select your CSV document. The delimiter is usually a “;” – enter “;” or other sign as defined

  5. Now create your imprint with the variables (columns) from the CSV file (see next page):
    - Click on “Add text”
    - Click on “My data”: select the variables you want to have in your imprint such as name, phone number, mail,… -> each imprint will show the data of one text line of your original CSV file
    - Change font style, colour,… as you like and add images, date, or other elements to your imprint
    - Save, and then print!

    Usually, data sets are varying in length (different names, addresses,…), therefore it’s recommended to position different variables underneath and not beside each other. Images are best to be put at the left side of the imprint!