I cannot send an imprint from the App. What can I do?

If you cannot send an imprint, there is no Wifi connection between the e-mark and your mobile device. Ensure that your e-mark is switched on and the battery is not empty - by checking whether you see lights on the light pipe when switching it on.
To find out why it is not connected, go to the settings area and select "My e-marks". If your e-mark (with the correct SSID-number) is not listed here, it needs to be registered. Click on "Add e-mark" on the bottom of the page and enter SSID and password of your e-mark. If it is listed here but could not connect, then connect to your e-mark through the Wifi-settings of your mobile device. Go to the general settings of your device and search for the WiFi settings. Select your e-mark and type in your password.

Please note: Only one mobile phone/tablet can be connected at a time with the e-mark. If another device is already connected to the e-mark (blue light shining in the back of e-mark), you need to disconnect first. Please note: If you have an Android device and have problems with connecting to your e-mark, it can help to turn off the mobile data of your device while using the e-mark.
Please note: The e-mark goes automatically into sleep mode when not used for more than three minutes. After waking up, WiFi connection needs to be re-established.

How can I establish connection between e-mark and my mobile device when it is not done automatically?

You can click on the e-mark information (e-mark symbol on top right corner of e-mark connect page). If the respective e-mark is registered in the App, a notification will pop up - click on "connect". Another option is to set up the connection via the the WiFi settings of your device, as described above.

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