New app update!

We are continuously working on our software in order to provide you with a well-usable app.
Since 13-12-2019 there is an update available for Android and iOS devices.

What's new?

  • Small usability improvements in the app
  • New Firmware for e-mark (19121100). You will be asked to update the firmware when you connect to your e-mark
  • Speeded-up startup of the e-mark and faster imprint transfer
  • Print multiline imprints now also from right to left
  • Clear all stored images from the e-mark when resetting
  • New languages in the app: Danish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew (both writing from right to left possible)
  • Choose the language and location for your date & time format
  • and last but not least also some bug fixes :)

Newest App version

Android: 1.7.1
iOS: 1.7.1
Tip: If you want to make sure that your smartphone/tablet is really suitable, download the app before buying and try it!
Please find your app version in the settings area:

Newest firmware version

Version number: 19121100
Update the firmware (software on the e-mark) through a notification in the app
You can find the firmware version of your e-mark in the e-mark information on the e-mark connect page:

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