"CONTINUAL MARKING" is offered as two different functions in the COLOP e-mark app or COLOP e-mark Windows software. One is found in the properties in the editor for a 1-line imprint and the other in the queue.
With the function CONTINUAL MARKING in the queue, a 1-line imprint can be repeated as often as you like as long as the e-mark is moved to the right (or to the left) without stopping.
If there are several imprints in the queue, CONTINUAL MARKING has a different meaning. If this function is activated, the queue runs in a loop, i.e. after the last imprint in the queue, the first imprint is automatically sent again.
More detailed explanation:
If you now enter normal imprints and imprints for which the CONTINUAL MARKING has been activated in the editor into the print queue without activating the continuous loop of the queue itself, these prints are printed according to their properties. This means that the normal imprints will be printed once before jumping to the next one, and the imprints for which CONTINUAL MARKING has been activated in the editor will be repeated as often as you move the e-mark in one direction without setting it down.
If, in addition to these different imprints, you now activate CONTINUAL MARKING of the print queue, each imprint is also printed according to its properties and at the end of the print queue it is automatically started again from the beginning.

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