How is data transferred between the e-mark and my mobile device (smartphone/tablet)?

Connect the e-mark via the WIFI interface. Enter the SSID and password and press “Connect” to set up the connection. The SSID and password can be found on the Quick Setup Guide in the packaging and have been saved as a test imprint on the e-mark. SSID stands for "Service Set Identifier" and provides information on the name of the WIFI network to your e-mark.

Do I need connection to the internet for using the e-mark?

No, the data is directly transferred via WIFI from the mobile device (smartphone, tablet) to the e-mark. The e-mark generates a WIFI-network and connects through it with the mobile device. Internet connection is only required if you want to use a certain image from the internet for your self-made imprint, or if you want to share your imprints with other e-mark users.

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