What is an imprint & how can I create one?

An imprint is the image that is made in the e-mark create App and then sent to the e-mark and printed. It can be a combination of different texts, images and more.

How can I create an imprint?

The App offers an extensive range of ready-to-use imprints. You can easily adapt them with your own data, images,... Another option is creating your own imprints by adding texts, symbols, images or other elements to a blank field.

What is the maximum size of an imprint?

One imprint can be up to 14 mm high and 150 mm long. Use the continual marking function in the App to repeat your imprints and make even longer prints.

I want to make an imprint that is larger than 14 mm in height, what can I do? 

The app offers the possibility to design multi-line imprints, which allows to make imprints with up to three lines. Please watch the video “Make a multi-line imprint” for further explanation.




Which data files can be inserted for an imprint? 

You can add PNG or JPEG images to your imprints.

Can I also print pictures with the e-mark?

You can add logos and pictures to your imprints. Be aware that the height of one line of an imprint is 14 mm. Therefore, printing larger pictures does not make sense.

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