The imprint quality is decreasing/not satisfactory, what can I do?

The quality of the imprint depends on several different aspects. Most of the problems can be put down to the cartridge. Either the print head is (slightly) dried out, the cartridge is (almost) empty or not inserted rightly.
If imprint quality is decreasing, please consider the following points:
  • Always put the e-mark in the docking station immediately after usage to avoid drying out of print head
  • Cleaning the print head by wiping over it with a damp cloth
  • Cleaning the plastic parts on the bottom of the e-mark (around the print head)
  • Take out cartridge and re-insert it
  • Ensure a proper surface to print on (e.g. sheet of paper on hard underground, no rippled surfaces)
  • Try to move as straight as possible over the surface
In the following are the possible defect imprints:
  • Stripes in the imprint or parts are missing -> re-insert cartridge

  • Colours of the imprint in the App do not match the colours in my printed imprint -> clean the print head, exchange the cartridge (if already almost empty)

  • Pale imprint -> try to print slower, clean print head, exchange cartridge (if already almost empty)


  • Pale at the beginning of imprint or wrong colours -> cleaning print head

  • Vertical gaps in the imprint or offset -> choose right surface, material

  • Offset in imprint -> move straightly
  • Stains before the imprint -> wait until cleaning routine is completed before making imprint on a document, clean plastic parts around the print head if dirty


  • Small stripes, points before imprint -> move only in one direction (right OR left)

  •  Colours do no align and words are spelled backwards -> the Ribbon Station can only be used with Ribbon Station templates, the Ribbon Station templates have to be used in combination with the Ribbon Station

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