I cannot use a certain function on my e-mark create. What can I do?

If you have an e-mark create, you cannot use the e-mark software (neither app, nor desktop software) and its functionalities. The main differences of the COLOP e-mark are:
  • use e-mark app, e-mark desktop version, e-mark create app and e-mark create desktop version
  • 3 additional storage places on the e-mark
  • automatic date & time function
  • QR and bar code generator
  • automatic numbering function
  • serial printing of CSV files
  • Ribbon Station
  • Multiline Printing Tool (Card Printing)
Find a detailed comparison of the two products here: emark.colop.com/product-details
However, you can always insert numbers and a date in form of text elements or images (PNGs and JPEGs) of codes or similar.
You want to make use of the specific functions of the e-mark? - Get the information of a store selling the e-mark next to you right here: emark.colop.com/buy-now/dealer-locator

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