I have lost my Quick Setup Guide and cannot remember my e-mark's SSID and password. Where can I find this information?

In case you do not remember your SSID and password and cannot find your Quick Setup Guide any more, you need to complete a reset.
For a complete reset, the e-mark needs to be turned on. Open the cover of the e-mark. On the top on the right side beside the battery, you will find a small hole. Use a paper clip or similar thin item to press inside this hole for several seconds. The e-mark will be restarted and brought to its initial state. Then make an imprint on a blank piece of paper. On the imprint you will find your e-mark's initial SSID and password. Be aware that all imprints that were stored on the e-mark are deleted and need to be sent once more to your device. Watch 'How to complete a reset' or download the short manual for exact sequence of steps.

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