How do I put the e-mark into operation?

For the initial setup of the e-mark, please follow the steps in our Quick Setup Guide. It is included in every packaging or can be downloaded here.
After having assembled the e-mark according to the Quick Setup Guide, you can download the App for Android and iOS devices in the Google Play Store, AppStore, Huawei AppGallery and the App for Windows PCs on our website ( Please follow the initialisation guide in the App, which includes connecting to your e-mark for the first time via WiFi (mobile devices) or USB interface (PCs). For first initialisation only set up the WiFi connection through the App and not through the WiFi settings of your device!
Attention: for Android devices the mobile data (internet) needs to be turned off in order to be able to connect to your e-mark!

Where do I find SSID and password of my e-mark?

The access data of your e-mark (SSID and password) is printed on the Quick Setup Guide. In addition, an imprint is saved on the e-mark when receiving it in its initial state, which includes the SSID and password. When switching the e-mark on and making the first imprint, you will see this information.

Do I need to charge my e-mark before turning on?

The e-mark is charged between 20 and 30 % when switching on for the first time (given that the contacts of the battery are still covered with the battery pull tab). It should be possible to turn it on and make the first few imprints. During the first initialisation, it might be necessary to charge the e-mark. However, the e-mark can also be used during charging. In case, you cannot turn on the e-mark, connect it to the mains and continue the initialisation.
It is recommended to start charging the e-mark when the battery is low and charge it until the battery level has reached 100%.
Note: Do not charge the battery longer than needed to protect the battery and to prevent impairment of the print quality of the ink cartridge.

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