When and how do I have to clean the e-mark?

Whenever your imprint quality is not satisfactory anymore, it is recommended to clean your print head. This can be done with a damp lint-free piece of cloth.
The plastic parts of the e-mark (the docking station, bottom side of the e-mark or the cover) can be easily cleaned with a moistened cloth (pure water without cleaning agent!).

Can I start the cleaning of the print head manually?

The app has a button for manual cleaning of the nozzles if needed. Please go to the settings and click on "Start quick cleaning" - you need an active Wifi connection to your e-mark for cleaning. Follow the instruction in the app.

How can I start print head cleaning in the desktop version?

You need an active Wifi or USB connection between the e-mark and your PC. Then click on the settings icon in the top right corner and click on the "Start quick cleaning" button. Follow the instruction the desktop version gives you.

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