Which kind of colour/ink cartridge does the e-mark use?

The e-mark is based on ink-jet technology. You will find a tri-colour ink cartridge inside the e-mark, which was especially adapted for COLOP e-mark in cooperation with HP Inkjet Technology. The ink is water-based. Any colour combinations can be made with the three inks inside the cartridge.
There are other types of COLOP ink cartridges available which have different characteristics.

How many imprints can be made with one cartridge?

The number of imprints which can be made with one cartridge depends on the type of cartridge as well as on several factors including size and ink coverage of the imprints. The following numbers are based on an imprint with the size 14 mm x 100 mm and with a coverage of around 15 %, see example below.
  • Tri-colour ink (W3T00A): up to 5000 imprints
  • Tri-colour ink C2 (HI-LX): up to 1500 imprints
  • Black pigment ink: up to 7000 imprints
  • UV ink: up to 5000 imprints

Are there other inks/cartridges available than the standard COLOP e-mark cartridges?

 Currently, we have four different types of cartridges.
  • Tri-colour ink (W3T00A): This cartridge offers full-colour imprints, which are applicable on absorbent surfaces. It is perfect for daily use and has a higher maintenance effort when not used regularly.
  • Tri-colour ink C2 (HI-LX): This cartridge offers full-colour imprints, which are applicable on absorbent surfaces. This is perfect for occasional use and has a low maintenance effort.
  • Black pigment ink: This cartridge offers pure black imprints, which are applicable on absorbent surfaces. The ink has a good water and solvent resistance.  Because of its properties, the lifetime of the ink is 3 months after opening. Afterwards the quality can decrease.
  • UV ink: This cartridge offers UV imprints, which only become visible when they are illuminated with a UV lamp. This ink is applicable on all absorbent surfaces and surfaces with special coating for water-based inkjet technology. The ink has a good water and solvent resistance.
Further inks are in development and will extend the range of use of the e-mark.

Can I use other cartridges than the ones for the e-mark?

No, only original COLOP e-mark cartridges can be used. Other same size cartridges are not compatible and must not be used.

Can I use the e-mark on my skin as well?

Do not use the e-mark on skin. During operation, the printhead becomes very hot and can cause serious burns. Besides, our ink is not dermatologically tested.

On which surfaces/materials can I print on with the e-mark?

The e-mark can print on any absorbent surfaces, such as paper, books, cardboard, serviettes or wood. For non-absorbent materials it is recommended to use the COLOP accessories.

Is the ink waterproof?

The ink is not waterproof. When applying an appropriate pre-treatment, the resistance against external impacts can be increased.
The black pigment ink and the UV ink have a good water and solvent resistance.

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