How can I make a consecutive numbering with my e-mark?

Creating a consecutive numbering imprint in the app

To create a numbering imprint, go to "New imprint" and "start without template". In the editor you can add a numbering element to your imprint. Alternatively, you can choose one of the pre-installed numbering templates and click on the numbering element.

You can choose the following numbering settings:

  • Starting point/First number
  • Steps to count upwards
  • Digits of your number (00123 would be 5 digits)
  • End point of your numbering
  • Change after 'x' imprints (an imprint/number can be printed several times before it counts upwards)
  • Define a prefix or suffix to your number

Printing consecutive numbering imprints:

Since one of the latest updates, imprints with numbering function are automatically counted up from the e-mark. For this purpose, a numbering has to be added in the editor or a template has to be selected from the numbering category. Then send it once to the e-mark, the rest will be done by the e-mark itself. The e-mark continues to count even if the app is closed or the e-mark is switched off between two prints.
Please note that prints with numbering function cannot be stored on the e-mark at the blue, pink and orange positions or added to the print queue.
Furthermore, please note that by removing the battery or having had a battery level of 0 %, the e-mark resets numbering and will not print the right information any more.

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