What do the lights and beeps of my e-mark mean?

The e-mark is communicating with the user by acoustic signals and the lightpipe (LED bar around the e-mark). The colours and position of the lights, as well as the acoustic signals have different meanings. In general, red indicates a problem (no cartridge inside or very low battery) and yellow is a warning, e. g. that the battery is low. Blue is related to the WiFi connection and data transfer and green tells you that the e-mark is ready or battery is full. Please find the description of the different signals below.

What does the beeping mean?

Whenever an imprint is successfully transmitted to the e-mark or an imprint is finished, the e-mark beeps. When making a two- or three-line imprint, the beeps of the e-mark tell you when to change direction and move to a new line. When the e-mark keeps beeping and blinks red, this is a warning to put the e-mark into its docking station. Otherwise the print head may dry out, causing bad imprint quality. If you do not like the sound of the e-mark, it can be turned off in the settings.

What does a blue light mean?

The blue light on the right back side of the e-mark indicates that you are actively connected to a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) or PC via WIFI. An ongoinig blue blinking around the e-mark refers that an imprint is transferred from the app to the e-mark.

What does a pink steady light in the back mean?

A pink light on the right back side of the e-mark indicates that the e-mark is connected to the desktop software of your PC via USB.

What does a green light mean?

On the back side of the e-mark, a green light indicates that the level of battery is above 25 %, which turns yellow below a level of 25 % and red when reaching 10 %. During printing you will see a green light on the side which indicates that the e-mark is printing.

What does green, blue, orange or pink lights on the side of the e-mark mean?

It is possible to store up to four imprints permanently on the e-mark. The different colours on the side of the e-mark indicate at which position you are right now and which imprint of the four will be printed. The last imprint that was sent is always stored on the green position. Under 'imprints on e-mark' you can select 3 further imprints, which are also in the App highlighted in blue, orange and pink. When changing the position (by tapping four times onto the e-mark - watch the video here), the lights will change from green to blue, orange or pink.

What does a red blinking light in the front of the e-mark mean?

It indicates that no cartridge is inside the e-mark. If a cartridge is inside and the light is still blinking red in the front, the cartridge is probably not in the right position and needs adjustment.

What does a yellow blinking light in the front of the e-mark mean?

It indicates that a wrong cartridge is inserted (not an original COLOP cartridge). Please only insert original COLOP e-mark cartridges.
If you have inserted an original cartridge, please check if a software update is available and update the firmware if necessary.

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