How can I store imprints permanently on the e-mark?

The last imprint that you have sent to the e-mark is always stored on it. In addition, you can store three more imprints permanently. On the e-mark connect page, you can select an imprint to be saved on each of the three positions/colours. Note that you always need to be connected to your e-mark in order to save an imprint on the device.

How do I change between the imprints stored on the e-mark?

There are two possible ways to change between the imprints stored on the e-mark. On the e-mark connect page you will find the imprints that are stored on the three coloured positions (blue, pink and orange). You can change the imprint by clicking on the e-mark symbol on the left-hand side of the stored imprint and switch to the respective imprint by that. The second option is tapping four times onto the e-mark with a little break after the first double click. It is best to watch our video 'Switch between stored imprints' for exact sequence of movements.

How do I know on which position which imprint is stored?

On the e-mark connect page you can see which imprint is stored on which position. This is displayed on the e-mark by the LEDs of the light pipe on the side which match the colours in "imprints on e-mark" and change when switching to another imprint.

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