How to print several imprints after one another (printing queue)?

You can have one or several imprints in your printing queue (e-mark connect page). When having several imprints in the printing queue they will be sent to the e-mark one after the other. It stops at the last imprint, which will also stay on the e-mark and can be repeated as often as wanted.
When selecting continual marking on the bottom, the printing queue will run in a loop, which means when the last imprint has been reached, it sends the first one again.
By clicking on QUEUE on the e-mark connect page you can select one or more imprints to be added to your printing queue.
By clicking on an imprint in the queue, you can flexibly switch to the one imprint that should be sent, regardless of the actual sequence.

Printing several imprints consecutively (in a printing queue)

Click on "send imprint to e-mark" to send the first imprint and print it. When hearing the signal of the e-mark, the next imprint will be sent. Wait for the transfer to be completed (double beep) and print the next imprint in your queue.

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