How can I make a consecutive numbering with my e-mark?

Creating a consecutive numbering imprint in the app

To create a numbering imprint, go to "New imprint" and "start without template". In the editor you can add a numbering element to your imprint. Alternatively, you can choose one of the pre-installed numbering templates and click on the numbering element.

You can choose the following numbering settings:

  • Starting point/First number
  • Steps to count upwards
  • Digits of your number (00123 would be 5 digits)
  • End point of your numbering
  • Change after 'x' imprints (an imprint/number can be printed several times before it counts upwards)
  • Define a prefix or suffix to your number

Printing consecutive numbering imprints:

For using the automatic numbering function, the e-mark always needs to be connected to the app!
  1. Send numbering imprint to the e-mark
  2. Print it (beep indicates end of the imprint!)
  3. Wait until the next number has been sent (you will see the number changing on the screen of your app, it is sent immediately) - the e-mark beeps when transfer is completed
  4. Print it
    ... repeat step 3 and 4 as long as you want to continue
Please be aware that an imprint that includes an automatic numbering, cannot be stored permanently on the e-mark and it cannot be used in a printing queue together with other imprints!

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