I made an update of the app and since that I cannot connect my e-mark anymore. What should I do?

What always helps

Please always check whether your app(s) and firmware on the e-mark are up to date. The most latest versions can be found here: New app update!
In general it always helps to switch the e-mark off and on again and closing the app from the task manager.

Make a reset for connecting again

If you cannot connect anymore, please make a reset. By that your e-mark is set back to factory settings. The imprints on the 3 positions will be deleted and the first imprint you make, will show your SSID and password again. Find a video and explanation for doing a quick reset here: How to make a reset

Connect your e-mark through the Wifi settings

If you still struggle to connect to your e-mark, you can connect via your Wifi settings.
  1. Please go to your settings app and go to Wifi.
  2. Ensure that your e-mark is switched on and select it in the list of Wifi networks.
  3. Enter your e-mark password and connect.
  4. Go back to the e-mark app and connect there as well.

I have iOS 14

In case you recently updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 14 (no matter whether it’s 14.0, 14.2 or higher), the app needs further permissions, due to changes in the security of iOS. Details and a description to enable necessary permission can be found here: I have iOS14 or higher and cannot connect my e-mark to the app. What should I do?

I have an Android device

On some Android devices it might be required to switch off mobile data.

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