How do I connect my e-mark to the desktop software?

There are two ways to connect the e-mark with the desktop app.
The second variant is a connection via WiFi (mainly for laptops) and the second variant is a connection via USB cable.
INFO: When starting up your e-mark for the first time, you must always connect via WiFi. This can be done via the mobile app or the desktop version. After performing the firmware update on the e-mark , the USB version can also be used.

Switch between WiFi and USB

To change the type of connection between e-mark and your device, you can find two buttons in the app below left. Please note that the e-mark can only connected to one device at a time, either via WiFi or via USB. To establish a connection with another device, the existing connection must first be disconnected. Even when changing between USB and WLAN, the existing connection must be disconnected.

Light display when e-mark connected

The light on the back right shows whether and how the e-mark is connected with a device. A WiFi connection is indicated by a blue light, a USB connection by a pink light. If there is no active connection, no light is visible.


WiFi connection of the desktop software

When using the desktop software with WiFi connection, it may be necessary to separate existing LAN connections first.

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