Where do I see the status of the battery?

Both the lightpipe of the e-mark as well as the App indicate the level of battery. The left LED on the back side of the e-mark shines either green, yellow or red. The battery level can also be found in the e-mark information in the App. Select the e-mark icon on the top right of the e-mark connect page. You will find the exact level (%) of battery.

How do I know that the battery needs to be charged?

Below a battery level of 25 % the e-mark shines yellow in the back. The LEDs blink continually red if the battery level is below 10 %. In addition to that, the App gives you also a warning when your battery is low and needs to be charged. Please charge the e-mark as soon as the yellow LED lights up.

How can I see that the battery is charging?

When the e-mark is turned on, lights on the back of the e-mark provide a status indication of charging. A yellow blinking light means, that the the battery is still below 50 %. A green blinking light indicates a battery level between 50 and 99 % and a steady green light indicates a full battery. You can also follow the state of the battery in the App under 'e-mark information'. Note that there is no indication for charging when the e-mark is turned off.

How long does the battery of the e-mark last?

The battery lasts up to five hours when marking continually and much longer under normal usage circumstances - several days up to a week when used occasionally. The battery is charged within 2.75 hours from 0 to 100 %.  Nevertheless, it is recommended to put the e-mark immediately after every imprint back into the docking station, which can be connected to the power plug at the same time.

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