How can I make 2- or 3-line imprints?

Creating a 2- or 3-line in the app

To create a new 2- or 3-line imprint from scratch, select "create new" and a window appears to select number of lines (1 – 3) and length (max. 150 mm) of your imprint. The maximum size of an imprint is 150 x 14 mm, which is divided in the number of lines selected. Hence, a 2-line imprint can have a max. lenght of 75 mm and a 3-line imprint 50 mm. 
Alternatively, you can also choose one of the pre-installed 3-line templates in the app and edit it.

Printing a 2- or 3-line imprint

When making a multiline imprint (imprint already sent to e-mark before), please listen to beeps of the e-mark - it will tell you whenever changing direction for a new line. 
  1. Take e-mark from docking station and start to move the e-mark to the right until you hear the first beep
  2. Then move the e-mark downwards until the next signal
  3. Now start the second line to the left until hearing the beep
  4. Move the e-mark again downwards until the next signal
  5. And finally making the third line until hearing the last beep (6.)



  • Never lift up the e-mark during a 3-line imprint from the paper, otherwise it starts again with the first line.
  • Please be aware that a 3-line imprint needs a little practice. Don't worry if your first try is not perfect yet :)

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