How can I download an extension package to use the respective font?

The language displayed next to a font indicates that the font supports the letters of the respective language and belongs to an extension package.
In the desktop version all available fonts for all languages are always shown, whereas in the mobile app only the standard and the already downloaded packages are displayed. This means that if you have used one of these fonts on your device and want to export the imprint to the mobile app of another device, the respective extension package has to be downloaded.
Downloading the extension package
To download the extension package follow these steps:
  1. Go to settings in the e-mark app.

  2. Click on languages and select the language.

  3. A pop-up will show on your screen asking you if you want to install the respective package. Click on the right button.

  4. A new screen shows up. Click on the blue text.

  5. Wait until the download is finished.

  6. The app will redirect you to the settings page where you can change back to your usual language.

  7. Now the new fonts are displayed in black colour in the Editor at font styles.

How do I know which language is which?

Hebrew = עברית
Arabic =  العربية
Korean = 한국어
Chinese = 中文
Japanese = 日本語

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