Personalised ribbons in retail with the e-mark

Easily personalised ribbons with the e-mark and the Ribbon Station

A personalised ribbon can make a gift unforgettable for loved ones and that will make you the business of choice for your customers. With the e-mark and the Ribbon Station, clients can choose their message, including smileys, or you can have a couple suggestions saved for them to choose from in your e-mark app. Then you just place your e-mark in the Ribbon Station and watch the magic happen!

You can even use the Ribbon Station and the e-mark to print your logo, company name or limited time promotions on ribbons and wrap them around items for sale. It’s perfect for any retail business!
At Cioccolateria Marinello in Austria, the Ribbon Station and the e-mark are already in use and customers are simply impressed by the results.

Watch the video to see the e-mark and Ribbon Station in action:

Watch the video

For more information on Cioccolateria Marinello visit their website:

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