About Us

Who is COLOP?

COLOP was founded in 1980/81 and headquartered in Wels, Austria. The company is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of stamps and marking devices. COLOP has a wide distribution network with a presence in 120 markets across the globe, as well as an export rate of 98%. The COLOP Group employs over 550 people worldwide.

In 2019, COLOP took an important step towards a digital future when it launched the COLOP e-mark. COLOP has experienced overwhelmingly positive responses for its innovative product, most notably from award juries. The e-mark has received the Red Dot Award (Honourable Mention), Stationers’ Innovation Excellence Award and, most recently, the IF Design Award and the the European Office Products Award (EOPA) 2021.

COLOP products and software are developed in-house by a team of experts at the headquarters. COLOP Digital was founded as a subsidiary to further support the development of high quality products in this new sector.

What our Team has to say

Wolfgang Pichler

Wolfgang Pichler

I've really enjoyed the challenge of the e-mark project at COLOP! It a completely new area of business for COLOP, which has been exciting and demanding at the same time.
I find it really hard to choose just one e-mark function as my favourite, but if I had to, I would choose the optical sensor! It provides speed control so that users get a high quality imprint every time.

Lisa Hölzl

Lisa Hölzl

Working with such a unique product is very motivating for me. My absolute favourite e-mark feature is automatic numbering - it's so useful for people working in warehouses!
The team work at COLOP is great - everyone supports one another whenever necessary. We all have tight deadlines but together we can achieve a lot.

Alex Zicha

Alex Zicha

Developing the e-mark app has certainly been a challenge over the last years, but it has been worth it to bring this innovative product to market. I am proud of my Team for always working together so harmoniously and helping each other out.
My favourite feature in the app is that you can add just about any logo or image to an imprint - it makes each imprint personal and individual!

Our Values

High Quality Products

COLOP places great importance on providing high quality products to customers. COLOP is regularly audited to ensure quality standards are met and exceeded.


Our in-house Research & Development Team and our Product Managers continuously work to expand our product range in order to be able to offer customers unique products.

Commitment to Customers

Customer care is of utmost importance to us at COLOP. We have an in-house Customer Service Team to look after our resellers and sales partners as well as an external Customer Service Help Center, available in many countries across Europe, in the USA and in Canada.

Working at COLOP

Exciting and varied work environment in an international production company.


COLOP has been awarded numerous quality certifications and awards, including the Austrian State Award, the Austrian Quality Seal, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.