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Product Tests and Reviews

Erik Vlietinck
Product Tester

"After having received a test unit, it became clear to me that the e-mark far outreaches its functionality as a stamp.
The e-mark uses your tablet, smartphone, or Windows PC for creating and storing as many different imprint designs as you need. It supports barcode generation, auto-numbering, date/time stamping, image and text printing, and variable data—a high-end feature even on larger printers."

Article in English.

Alexandre Calvez
YouTube Tech Reviewer

“Wow. I am shocked. Like I told you, I tested the printer for tattoos a few weeks ago and this is much simpler, it doesn’t go in all directions and it prints at the speed at which the hand moves. Here I now have printed text, which is neat and not deformed.”

Video in French.

Laura from Crafty not Shifty
YouTube DIY Tutorials

"Honestly, my mind was completely blown – it is that easy! It’s got these little roller balls on the bottom that help keep it in a straight line as you go across and it just prints so simply!...I think it’s really great to be able to add personalisation and to have an unlimited amount of stamped images, that you can just transfer to your printer and put on to your project or your work surface."

Video in English.

YouTube Tech Reviewer

"The truth is that I am very, very impressed…You can print on big boxes, small boxes, paper bags, envelopes and any small things that you want to personalise. You can see the high quality and the colours for yourselves. I think it is very interesting and there could be many uses for it."

Video in Spanish.

Julian from OwnGalaxy
YouTube Tech Reviewer

"I find this concept super exciting! It's like a digital stamp with which you can use the app to change your imprint designs as often as you like, from your own logo to a picture or an address. You can really print anything with it and I think it's mainly for people who work as teachers, who work in logistics, who often send packages, or who may work in marketing."

Video in German.

Warren from KL Gadget Guy
Tech Reviewer

"It has definitely made me more organized and I no longer need to see my ugly eliminates wastage and you have the luxury to keep changing your imprints whenever you want, not to forget to mention its easy to use software and customizability."

Article in English.

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Product Tests and Reviews

Kalan's Krafting Studio
YouTube Craft Tutorials

"It's so great for ribbon and tissue paper!...I just love this thing - my mind is going crazy with all of the different things we can do with it...It printed beautifully!"

Video in English.

Craft Room Creations
Crafting Enthusiast

“I’m really excited about being able to use this in my classroom. I’m a second grade teacher...I love this ribbon, I’m over the moon excited with this! I can see birthday presents, Christmas presents, tidied up with ribbon with their name on it.”

Video in English.