e-mark go e-mark go

The mobile printer for everybody. Compact and easy to use.

Let's go…let's print.

Multicolour imprints on many different surfaces.

The COLOP e-mark® go is one of the most compact handheld mobile printers on the market. It fits in almost every pocket, being fully mobile and usable no matter where you are. The printer is controlled by an app. In the app you can create your individual imprint motives, having manifold design options at your fingertips. Alternatively, you can just choose from one of the various predefined templates. Both, printer and app, have been developed with the objective of offering the best usability on the market, making mobile printing fun for everybody.

Making items colourful, personal and special

Dive into the colourful world of mobile printing

Make items more beautiful

Bring more colour into your life

Mark items as yours

Stand out from others

Express your emotions

Make items personal

How to use the e-mark® go

1. DOWNLOAD FREE best-in-class app for iOS or Android

2. DESIGN AN IMPRINT or choose from many predefined templates in the app

3. CONNECT APP with the e-mark go

4. SEND THE IMPRINT with one click from the app to the printer

5. LET'S PRINT on almost any absorbent surface directly (like paper, cardboard, wood, textiles, cork and many more) or print on labels

The e-mark® go printing solution

1. LED light guide for ideal positioning of the imprint

2. One of most compact devices with leading imprint quality

3. Fast transmission of data via WiFi (faster than bluetooth)

4. Free best-in-class app for iOS and Android, setting standards in ease of use, stability and possibilities.

5. Print on many surfaces, like paper, cardboard, wood, textiles, cork and more.

6. Brilliant and sharp multicolour imprints in high resolution

7. Easy personalisation through changing handle design-label

8. Charging via USB

The editor - the beating heart of the app

  • Add text, change fonts and colours
  • Add images and cliparts
  • Add shapes, change and fill line colour
  • Change background colours
  • Move, scale, rotate, zoom elements with just a movement of the finger
  • Select the continual marking option to print your motive endlessly
  • Choose from many free predefined template designs
  • Download additional templates or fonts
  • Duplicate, edit share or import imprint designs easily
  • Find a help button in case you need support